Brett Cogan of BD Source is our go-to guy for so many of our needs. His products are of the highest quality and his prices are more than fair. Brett is very responsive and is just a text or email away. He always goes above-and-beyond to make sure we are 100% satisfied. Always. We look forward to working with Brett and BD Source for many years to come.

Matt N.

Winter Program Director, Camp Laurel

2017 was our first summer working with Brett Cogan and BD Source. We found Brett to be very responsive to our needs. He was always available when we needed him and did the best he could to meet our needs. We found BD source’s prices to be competitive and the products to be of good quality. We are looking forward to working with Brett and BD source for many more summers.

Jen G.

Assistant Director, Brant Lake Camp

Brett from BD Source was easy to work with, very responsive, priced fairly and made sure Camp Winaukee had everything we needed for a successful summer.We look forward to working with them again in future summers.

Abby M.

Associate Director, Camp Winaukee

BD Source is one of the most valued and trusted vendors to the NJY Camps. Brett ensures that our needs are met in a timely fashion, making sure that we get the right quality at a fair price. Brett is available 24/7—year round—to secure our goods as well as explore new products and methods to meet the needs of the ever changing camping industry.

NJY Camps

Brett Cogan of BD Source is your go to guy for your camp and bunk purchases. Do not consider anyone else. Besides having the most professional flair, he is so pleasant to work with. It is very refreshing to find a salesperson who has so much knowledge about his business but is just so nice and takes such an interest in helping us each season. You will never have to worry about the quality or service when you go to Brett for your camp needs. 

Lori and Ephram Caflun

Owners / Directors, Camp Wekeela

Brett Cogan and BD Source have been providing us with high-quality products at very reasonable prices for several years. Brett is easy to work with and extremely responsive. He is knowledgeable, friendly and makes his customers feel valued. We have been very pleased with BD Source and look forward to working with them and Brett for years to come.

Ari G.

Director, Camp Laurelwood

BD Source provides a wide variety of high-end products and equipment at great prices. The customer service is top notch. We can find all of our bedding, furniture, laundry, housekeeping, and kitchen equipment needs through BD Source and every experience with them is informative and enjoyable.

Kyle/Emily C.

Owners/Directors Camp Vega

In a time where you get less and less from many vendors, working with Brett is just the opposite. He is responsive, detail oriented and has incredible follow through. When I need things in 3 weeks or 3 days, Brett always delivers for me and makes sure we get the best pricing and service possible. He follows up to make sure we got everything we need. I look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come!

Jon S.

Operations Director, Camp Harlem a URJ Camp

I have been working with Brett Cogan for several years and I highly recommend your camp to use him. He is always looking out for us and getting us the best product for the best pricing. Of course, it is best to give any vendor time to get your order, but we all know there are times when you are in a bind, that is when Brett truly excels and shows his value. He is a team player and will work tirelessly so I don’t have to worry about getting things on time, he takes care of it! I highly recommend Brett and am happy to discuss further if you would like.

Jay Freedman

Director, Camp Green Lane

We really enjoyed working with Brett to create and order our laundry bags for the summer of 2019. He was responsive, well priced and really understood camp. We are looking forward to doing business with Brett again in the near future!


Chippewa Ranch Camp

Brett is a relatively new vendor for us and yet we already know that we will have a long future working together. Brett brings a level of customer service that is unheard of today and has quickly become our trusted source for all types of supplies and equipment.

Max Yamson

Executive Director, Camp Livingston